Friday, November 9, 2007

Unaccredited schools

My daughter is in the St. Louis school district. Earlier this year, the State Board of Education unaccredited the schools in this district, because the schools were continuously declining in academic performance, and other concerns about financial issues and leadership issues. According to the law, the students within unaccredited districts are allowed to transfer to other schools in a neighboring county, such as St. Louis county schools. The SLPS must pay for those students and pay for transportation to these schools. However, I spoke with another mother and other schools turned her down. The problem is that the students are allowed to transfer, but there is no law that says the schools must accept these students.

Then I heard the SLPS have been coercing the other schools not to accept these students. So what are we supposed to do…just wait until the schools are better? Maybe by the time my daughter is in 11th grade, the schools will be better. Meanwhile, I am trying to do extra work with her at home, after I come home from my first job and before I leave for my second job. I accept and embrace that it is my child and I am her teacher as well. However, what am I paying taxes for? For her to attend a failing school apparently. I hope that this gets resolved and I can get her into a better school immediately.

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