Monday, November 26, 2007

Education Reform Needed Immediately

Missouri is facing hardships with the education program. There is no question there. Schools are unaccredited, children are failing in school, and graduation rates are not going through the roof. I do not live in a big town, yet I am devastated for the children who live in failing school districts. They are stuck in them with no where to go. Why people think that is the best thing for them is beyond me! The schools keep failing, yet some people are still against the idea of choice. Obviously, what we have is not working, so it is time to try something new.

Thankfully, my town happens to have a great high school. However, if they were like many other schools around Missouri, I would not know what to do. Parents should be able to chose where their children go to school. Why does it make sense that our address decides our children’s future?

People have been debating the Milwaukee Choice Program and it is not apparent the original study was inaccurate. Unfortunately, many people read it and believe the things it had to say. These inaccuracies are the very thing that is making the choice movement harder than it should be.

South Carolina is facing similar problems with education; their graduation rates are hovering around 50%. That means a little less than 50% of students are not graduating!

Is this not a red flag to everyone that we need to dramatically change the way education has been ran?

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