Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reform Our Schools

This is a great deal of debate across the country and right here in our own state as parents seek choice in educating their children. The Center for Education Reform combats 9 lies about school choice that educrats lobby every time their power structure is threatened by citizens exercising their rights to the education promised them and guaranteed by our laws.

While the city schools are the most highly funded, they systematically have been failing our children and threatening their future prospect of gainful employment instead throwing children out after all the years spent in classrooms only to become frustrated dependents on the public's continued support. Rather than generating new young professionals who can support our local economies, we are creating the next generation of convicts, low-income minimum wage untrained individuals who cannot support themselves and have not been inspired or trained to advance themselves professionally. Economists point out that failing to educate our next generation is costly and contraintuitive in today's global economy. Rather than producing young adults who will go forward and contribute to the economy, we are spitting them out of our system unprepared and with no hope for their future.

High School Drop Outs In America cost our economy GREATLY. The money is in place. We need to invest in new systems--new ways to educate and inspire young minds. Doing so now will yield much greater returns than continued support of a flawed and failing public education system. It is time to do some serious education refrom overhaul.

We need to look at school choice (charter schools, tax credits--let the money follow the child), merit pay for teachers, transparency of payments and budgets, virtual learning environments, improved support of special needs children, etc... There is much that could be done in an environment of true education reform and their is much evidence that parents and teachers seek reform.

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