Tuesday, March 24, 2009

School Vouchers Proven Helpful

School Choice Illinois posted about a study that shows the positive effects of vouchers on public schools. The study is from the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice. With all the evidence, we need to stimulate changes within our public schools. Children are failing at alarming rates...and they need our help!
Empirical evidence shows school vouchers have positive effect on public schools

A newly published report collects all available empirical studies on how school vouchers affect academic achievement in public schools. The conclusion finds that the school choice programs improve public schools in a variety of ways such as racial integration, fiscal impact and academic achievement.

For instance, “A Win-Win Solution: The Empirical Evidence on How Vouchers Affect Public Schools,” authored by Greg Forster, Ph.D., took a total of 17 empirical studies, which have examined how vouchers affect academic achievement in public schools, and found that 16 showed that vouchers improved public schools. The remaining study found no visible impact on public schools.

Click here to download a copy of the full report from the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Charter school Excellence

Hello its me once again. Today I want to talk about how children everyday are being robbed of an education. A school is a place were we go to learn stuff we previously do not know. However in an effort to see who does the best, some schools have become uber competitive in the attempt to reign supreme as the best school in the country. Out of this fierce competition the children who are not as fast learners as the braniacs are left behind. However Charter schools which in a sense are hybrids of schools combine instilling tons of knowledge into a child’s brain while also not being competitive and gradually easing the child through the process of learning in an effort to confirm that the child learns the knowledge and is able to maintain it throughout his or her life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My education

Since first grade I have been in a suburban saint Louis school. I moved here from New York and had no idea what kind of education I would be receiving. However being a first grader at the time I could not care less for my education. Upon starting my first day of school I was amazed by the amount of attention that not only myself but all the other students received. I noticed this from first grade to where I am now, a second semester senior in high school. The point that I am making is that I have had ADHD my entire life and the amount of help I received from my teachers was amazing and led me to where I am now, a happy and successful student preparing to go on to a prominent four year college. This all adds up to the fact that without all that help and attention my teachers showed me I was able to become a successful student. My final point being that if the kind of attention and help I received was available in all schools and available to all children then we would see a vast increase in the amount of children that go on to college and the amount of children getting good jobs after college.