Saturday, November 24, 2007

Parents Must Hold Educrats Responsible for Educational Advancements

In the world of educational reform, it is time to place responsibility on those whom we look to for advancing our children's progress. Our current education monopoly (See excellent commentary,"NCLB?") does not empower administrators to hire and promote effective teachers nor release non-producing teachers. Nor does it support the rights of parents to choose the best education available on behalf of their children.

Missourians need to make themselves heard on the 'school choice' front. People in Kansas City have done so and parents and children will enjoy the benefits of a hard fought and victorious battle. The vote recently in Kansas City to release Indepence Schools from the Kansas City Public School system creates great momentum for the school choice movement. In Columbia, parents call for Columbia Public Schools to get out of CEE vs. MO, and instead get focussed on a broad-based strategy to advance public education.

Across our great nation, parents are finding ways to influence the monopolistic public school system. In Florida, the mayor of St. Petersburg ("Don't forget the poorest pupils" ) found out what other states and municipalities are learning. Parents want choice. Parents' first priority is a safe environment with dedicated teachers. In addition, they prefer their children's schools to be close to home. They also consider diversity important. This mayor calls upon citizens to "[Move] to a system where parents may choose to send their child to a school close to home...but it must not result in winners and losers." Of the many issues to consider, the mayor calls upon the parents to look at the system and cause the focus to be on parental choices and the rights of citizens for a "...a better public school system, and a better community."

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