Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Status Quo--a recipe for disaster

Clearly our public education system is not delivering what has been promised and what every Missouri child has a right to~a quality education. That is not to say that ALL parts of our system are broken...just some of it. Or maybe we are missing something. As a concerned citizen and taxpayer, I believe in investing in our children. Though I don't live in the city (I live in a suburb), I believe that children are entitled to, and deserving of, educational alternatives.

If you cannot care on an emotional level, you certainly could begin to care on a financial level. In an article, entitled Bridging the Gap in the Columbia Daily Tribune, it's obvious that we're not reaching all of the kids, early enough, and that our system is not set up to do it.

If we know this, then why can't we move towards solving this problem? I think that the words 'education reform' scare people.. But they shouldn't~'Education status quo' are the words that should scare people.

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