Sunday, February 10, 2008

Choice will help...let's give it a shot!

The Heritage Foundation has been observing school choice practices and has come to the conclusion that giving choice to parents and the children dramatically helps them get a decent education. According to the Heritage Foundation:

A growing number of American students are bene­fiting from school choice policies. Twenty years ago, few states and communities offered parents the opportunity to choose their children's school. Today, millions of American students are benefiting from policies that enable parental choice in education.

This year, 13 states and the District of Columbia are supporting private school choice. Approximately 150,000 children are using publicly funded scholar­ships to attend private school.[1]Millions more are benefiting from other choice options ranging from charter schools and public school choice to home­schooling and virtual education.
Still, an estimated 74 percent of students remain in government-assigned public schools.[2]

If given the opportunity, many more children could benefit from school choice options. To improve education in America, Congress and state policy­makers should reform public education laws to allow greater parental choice.

The rest of the article discusses more in depth about choice and the many areas that are allowing parents to have a choice. Reading this article, strengthens my belief that implementing some sort of choice program will help the children and help the entire education program. What I keep thinking is...nothing else seems to be working, lets give this a chance.

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