Friday, October 19, 2007

PACs, Rex, and SMI

So, Rex Sinquefield started a few PACs…big deal. It’s not illegal and it is definitely not the first time this has happened either. PACs are started all the time to support issues and back certain politicians, what’s the difference?

His PACs are set up to increase information available, help people have an outlet to support a cause, donate to, and also a way to donate to causes he believes in, ones that others believe in as well. All of his PACs are geared towards specific issues, such as education and tax reforms.

The Show Me Institute does research on various issues, which back Sinquefield’s strong beliefs. While reading a few of these studies, it has become apparent to me that school choice really can make a difference in education and we need to give it a shot. It is obvious to me that Sinquefield does not want to “harm public schools”, as some people are putting it. Sinquefield really wants to help our schools and knows the only way to do that is through dramatic changes. We should all be jumping on the bandwagon and supporting such a worthy cause. The schools have not improved, so why do people think more money will help. I know that we need to do something radically different…Rex has got the right idea.

According to School Choice for Missouri, children who receive vouchers have statistically significant gains in test scores. Graduation rates increase, which leads to more successful and productive citizens, not to mention lower crime rates. Dropouts increase the unemployment rate, cost the state money for incarceration and Medicaid, and have other harmful effects on Missouri.

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