Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Education Alternatives

Submitted by: Diana

I think the public education system should be able to effectively educate all children in Missouri. Sometimes, there are cases in which the schools in a district may not be best suited for a child, such as the case with a special needs student. That student should still be able to get an education that will be catered to his or her needs. In some cases, there may be a school in a neighboring district that could do that, however, sometimes that is not the case. That child should be able to attend any school, even if it’s a private school. The state should allow credits for situations like this. Some may have a problem if the school is religious, but you know what, either the state spends some money to send a child to that school, or that child will not get a quality education.

It seems like a very easy problem to me…plain and simple…educate that child, whether it be by monks or nuns, every child deserves to learn.

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