Wednesday, December 5, 2007

All Parties for Education Reform

The political arena has many hot button issues. These issues, whether they are health spending, defense spending, taxes, Medicare, social security, or education; are all concerns about most Americans. We elect our officials because we agree with their views on the issues most important to us. While some issues are thought of as more republicans or more democrats views, there are some issues stances that cross over party lines. Education reform is one issue that does not only fit in with only one party. The notion of school choice, once thought of as a republic idea, is now an issue that both sides are directing their attention to. The Democrats for Education Reform
realize the schools are in dire need for help, and they see school choice as one way to accomplish this. Not all Republicans are for school choice either. Giuliani said “there's not as much support even among Republicans for school choice as one might think”.

Bottom line is that school choice should not be seen as a party issue. It should be seen as an education issue, one that needs to be addressed now. Thousands of children across the country are attending failing schools. The children are the ones that matter here.

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