Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can We Have a Choice?

Who am I? Well, let's see. First and foremost, I am a mother. No matter what job I ever hold, what activity I ever do, or what hobby I may pick up, I will be a mother first. For me, being a mother means more than having a baby and sending them on their way. My child is my whole life...when I am away from him, I think of him all day long. I look forward to the welcome home hug at the end of the day, and even when this is followed or preceded by the fun toddler tantrums, I still have an overwhelming feeling of love for him. Yes, it is true, it's not all kisses and hugs. There are those times that can drive any parent crazy...and I have had my fair share of those.
Being a parent, you try so hard to make them smile; try so hard to keep them healthy. And as time goes on, you try to do what is best for him/her, even when that means they leave home...even if it's only for kindergarten!

You spend the first several years teaching them to walk and talk, then on to the ABCs and the colors of the rainbow. So much time and thought is investing in developing your child's brain and motor skills. Then what? You send them off to school and hope a teacher can continue on with what you have started. Will they do it right, will they teach him well, will the school be the right fit for him...are all questions a parent might wonder all day long.

As a parent, I feel very strongly that we should be able to decide where our children spend their days and where they develop more of their intellect that will take them through adulthood. The lines that divide up cities should not determine whether my child gets a great education or an average education. Missouri needs to allow parents everywhere that choice.

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