Monday, March 16, 2009

Charter school Excellence

Hello its me once again. Today I want to talk about how children everyday are being robbed of an education. A school is a place were we go to learn stuff we previously do not know. However in an effort to see who does the best, some schools have become uber competitive in the attempt to reign supreme as the best school in the country. Out of this fierce competition the children who are not as fast learners as the braniacs are left behind. However Charter schools which in a sense are hybrids of schools combine instilling tons of knowledge into a child’s brain while also not being competitive and gradually easing the child through the process of learning in an effort to confirm that the child learns the knowledge and is able to maintain it throughout his or her life.

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Democracy Lover said...

I was laboring under the impression that charter schools were designed to increase competition, but you seem to be saying otherwise.

I would agree that setting students against one another in academic competition may not be productive in most cases, but nothing requires public schools to take such an approach. I would also agree that some charter schools are effective, but I would not generalize that all are. Charter schools like all schools succeed when the combination of strong and competent administration, inspired and knowledgeable teachers, and involved parents combine.