Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stimulus Taking Education Choice Away?

Do you ever wonder why thing always go one step forward and three steps back? That is all I can think of these days. So, the economy is in the dumps. The government is throwing out stimulus money left and right. Now what do they want to do? Take educational options away from children! Not only will these children have to pay for this spending later on, but many of them will be trying to do this with a sub par educational background. What sense does this make?!
According to, the House approves a $410 billion spending bill, while eliminating school vouchers in DC.
Democrats also inserted a provision into the bill to end a program that allows students in the District of Columbia to use federal funds to attend private schools of their choice. Boehner, who helped establish the program as part of a political bargain several years ago, called the move "hideous."

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