Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boy dragged out of school?

I read in the St. Louis Post the other day how a boy was dragged out of a Ladue school, I think right in the middle of the school day, because he doesn't have the right address. According to the article, the family claims to live in the Ladue School District. According to the Ladue School District, the boy's family lives in the Normandy school district. Well, the law will determine which school the boy will attend~obviously it's not up to the parents, even though there is clearly enough room for the boy at Ladue.

How many of us know of parents who went through great measures~like these parents~to try to get their child a decent education?! I personally know a couple of families in my own children's school who don't live here in the county~they live in the city. I won't rat them out either because I can assure you that I would not place those little angels I have come to know and love back in St. Louis Public Schools, especially now that St. Louis Public Schools have lost their accreditation.

One of these children I know that snuck into our school, a little girl, is borderline genius! With the support of our incredible little neighborhood suburbia public school, I know she will have, and live, the hope of breaking away from her poverty-stricken background! I have a sister who also lives in the city who fictiously enrolled her son out in Kirkwood a few years back because she couldn't get an education for her ADHD son. This brought great strain on my family to keep up the guise of my nephew living in Kirkwood.

There are countless families in crisis because time is wasting and their children need educational help and support that is focussed on them personally. They are not finding it in the current public school system. Thank God I accidentally moved to an awesome neighborhood with GREAT schools because I wasn't looking at the public school when I purchased my home~it was four years later that I bore my first child and 5 years after that before that child entered the public school system.

A young financially challenged couple can find cheaper housing in the city. They won't need to look at the school for years later and maybe they think that they will move when the time comes... But all too often, circumstances change and people become bound to their neighborhoods for one reason or another. The option of a good education can stabilize a home and the lack of options can destroy it.

If you cannot care on an emotional level, you should care when it comes to your pocketbook. Choice in education improves future outlook and decreases dependency on the public dole~it simply makes sense to offer educational alternatives to what we've got now, because what we've got now is failing our children.

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